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 DBZ Remastered & Uncut HQ

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PostSubject: DBZ Remastered & Uncut HQ   Sun Sep 09, 2007 12:21 am

Dragonball Z Remastered

Description: Dragonball Z is the follow up to the previous story of Dragonball. The time is 5 years after Goku's fight with Piccolo. The story starts out with Goku finding out that he is from an alien race called the Saiyans by his older brother Radditz who has come to try and recruit Goku. The story progresses on further in which Goku and his new son Gohan, along with the other Z fighters try to liberate and protect the earth and the universe from any evil that they come upon. During this time the story takes a more serious tone than it's predecessor Dragonball.

Extra notes:

* These episodes are the new Uncut, Remastered, and Widescreen episodes that are being produced by Funimation in HD format.
* These releases will contain all original 291 episodes and be released consistently.
* It is recommended that you use Media Player Classic with the CCCP Codec Pack to play these episodes properly.
* The Season 3 Boxset will come out September 18, 2007.

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DBZ Remastered & Uncut HQ
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